LISC New Markets

LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities strategy helps drive the plans, programs and projects that transform disinvested neighborhoods into good places to live, work, raise families and do business. It encompasses a range of activities focused on five goals: increased investment in affordable housing and other real estate, access to quality education, building family incomes and assets, promoting safe and healthy lifestyles and stimulating economic development.

New Markets Tax Credits are a critical tool in LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities arsenal, attracting private capital to commercial real estate activities focused on low-income residents and the communities where they live. LISC focuses on financing retail, industrial, educational and community space as well as small business operations and expansion that generate jobs, provide needed goods and services, connect to affordable housing and reverse long-standing physical deterioration in struggling communities.

LISC provides NMTC financing to projects that satisfy its social investment criteria – (1) demonstrated support of the local community, (2) likelihood of generating tangible economic and / or social benefits, (3) contribution to the longer-term development of a healthy, sustainable community and region, (4) environmental soundness and (5) need for NMTC financing to generate these benefits. LISC receives many more requests for NMTC financing than the amount of investment authority that it has available. LISC chooses transactions that satisfy its social investment criteria and advance a local LISC program’s community development strategy.

LISC’s New Markets Tax Credit program considers the specifics of individual projects in which we invest as well as their impact on broader neighborhood revitalization. Shopping centers can stimulate the redevelopment of expansive commercial strips. Arts-related projects can underpin revived entertainment districts or supplement nearby educational programs with dance, music, theater and a range of visual and multimedia arts.

New Markets Tax Credits are critical to the work we are doing in communities across the country.