NMTC Software

New Markets Data Link (NewDL), our innovative software platform, eases the burden of managing your NMTC investments.  It captures, collects and organizes NMTC data, services loans, prepares reports and interacts with borrowers.

NewDL highlights:

•    Captures and maintains all QEI, QLICI, and QALICB data in one central place, on a secure web-based platform.

•    Community Impact Information System (CIIS) reporting: Streamlines the collection, storage and updates to your portfolio’s CIIS data and ensures that your data is consistent with current reporting rules required by the CDFI Fund.  NewDL’s integrity testing applies specific logic to CIIS data to ensure that it is consistent with the rules required by the CDFI Fund.  NewDL also provides CIIS data in a reviewable format for management, and once approved for submission, creates an uploadable XML file that allows for faster submission to and approval from the CDFI Fund. NewDL is a CDFI Fund-approved software platform.

•    Is a fully integrated loan servicing platform that builds QLICI debt service schedules, creates customizable debt service invoices, and automatically prompts users when invoices are ready to be sent to borrowers.  NewDL sends invoices to borrowers and maintains all historical invoices sent and payments made by borrowers.   

•    Reporting module in NewDL provides secure access to reports, financial statements, tax returns and any other information you would like to share with internal team members, investors and other third parties that support your business.

•     Tracks QALICB financial and compliance reporting and sends reporting reminders and alerts to borrowers, prompting them when reports are due. This reduces the time spent by staff on collecting required reports from borrowers.

•     Saves reports and provides reporting to investors, lenders and other partners through a dedicated, secured, reporting portal that third-parties can access.  CDEs can identify which reports to provide to third-parties, including CDE audits, tax returns, compliance documents, and QALICB reporting.

•     Portfolio level reports provide management with updates on reporting status.

•    NewDL’s Asset Management functionality tracks borrowers’ construction progress, analyzes borrower operating performance, and provides management with your portfolio’s current performance.

•    NewDL’s customizable notification system allows management and staff to document and communicate future compliance, reporting, and operational tasks that must be addressed in the future.  Notifications can be sent at customizable intervals to internal team members or external partners to ensure the proper parties are notified.

•    Has customizable reports to track data that is relevant to the NMTC industry, such as Substantially-all, allocation agreement status and compliance, community impact details, construction progress, operating performance, loan status, better rates and terms, reporting status and  more.

•    Has document storage system to maintain key closing documents, audits, tax returns, compliance documents, invoices, etc. related to each investment in your portfolio.

•    Pipeline system in NewDL tracks potential future NMTC investments your organization is considering placing NMTC allocation toward.  Tracks all pertinent information necessary to fully vet potential NMTC investments.

•    Has rolodex system to store contact information for lenders, investors, projects, etc related to your portfolio.

•    And more.

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