Investor Services

Over the last decade, New Markets Support Company (NMSC) has managed one of the largest New Markets Tax Credit allocations in the country on behalf of LISC. NMSC now partners with institutional investors, developers and other New Markets allocatees to offer a full menu of investor services, from fund development and management to deal sourcing, deal structuring, long-term asset management and disposition.

Our perspective on syndication is deep and diverse. We understand it both from our New Markets experience and from decades of work at LISC’s National Equity Fund, managing Low Income Housing Tax Credit funds, assets and relationships. Our leadership, our real estate expertise, our fund management capacity and our tested technical processes are paired with NEF’s back office support and technology to ensure effective and entrepreneurial management of New Markets investments.

Services include:

  • Fund Development and Management
  • Deal Sourcing and Structuring
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Loan Servicing and Cash Management
  • NMTC Compliance Oversight
  • Asset Management

About NewDL

NMSC deploys a flexible, web-based system to manage and monitor New Markets investments. Investors, allocatees, auditors, attorneys and others can access and track data related to projects and funds through password-protected access. NewDL hosts all relevant documents connected to investments that we oversee and provides a wealth of data on overall performance of different assets. NewDL also helps ensure the performance of our funds and the quality of our asset management.

Read More about our Investor Services or contact Steven Petsos, NMSC Senior Vice President, for additional information at 312-697-6444 or