Client Services

We specialize in all aspects of the New Markets Tax Credit program, from deal sourcing and structuring to long-term asset management and project exits. Our core business is the NMTC program, and we offer our services to others in need of assistance managing their own NMTC allocations.

We manage the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s (LISC) $908 million NMTC investment authority, one of the largest in the country. LISC, through NMSC, has financed 108 projects totaling $895 million in NMTC authority. Our staff has gained extensive experience in all facets of managing NMTC investments—from early inception to exit—through our LISC New Markets Program.

Other NMTC allocatees can utilize our staff's experience and expertise to manage their own NMTC portfolios. We offer both NMTC Investor Services and CDE Advisory Services.